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 Handcrafted Mission Style Furniture


For the past 29 years I have been building handcrafted Mission, Arts and Crafts and Prairie style furniture. I love the designs of Arts and Crafts or Mission style furniture because it stresses function and unadorned beauty, strong simple construction and honest comfortable design. My goal from the beginning has been to design and build high quality handcrafted furniture at affordable prices. I receive great satisfaction knowing that my furniture is being enjoyed by my customers for many years to come. 

Dale Martin


After 43 years in business I am retiring! It's been a great run and I’m so appreciative of being able to share my craft with so many wonderful people. We’ve stopped production and are currently in the process of selling our remaining inventory. If you are thinking of purchasing or adding any additional pieces, or know someone who might be interested, now is the time to buy! We are offering FREE shipping and easy financing through PayPal on the remaining items. Once we sell out there will be no more so I recommend ordering now before they’re gone! Thanks again for your business and support!

Dale Martin

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